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  • Patricia Sorbo, D.C., DiCCP

    Patricia Sorbo, D.C., DiCCP

    Dr. Patricia Sorbo earned her bachelor’s degree in biology at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.  She went on…

  • Erik Sorbo, D.C., CCSP®

    Erik Sorbo, D.C., CCSP®

    Dr. Erik Sorbo grew up in Clear Lake, Iowa, earned his bachelors degree in religion at Wartburg College…

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What our patients say

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  • Dr. Erik is friendly and courteous. I had never been to a chiropractor before. Dr. Erik was very thorough in taking my medical history, x-rays, and listened to my concerns. I no longer have back pain, and my fibromyalgia pain is gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Erik. My husband too has no more back and neck pain. I still see him, for maintenance.

    Pam D.,

  • My wrist was very painful and I couldn’t lift anything heavy. Then Dr. Erik used his laser on it. Within minutes it didn’t hurt any more. I could turn my door knob and lift a gallon of milk again. It was remarkable!

    Jean D.,

  • I came to WFCC in hopes of finding some relief from insomnia. I had never had a sleeping disorder that could not be fixed with medicine. But medicine didn’t help. When I came to see Dr. Patricia I started seeing results in about two weeks. I could fall asleep quicker and my bouts of being awake in the middle of the night shortened. I was able once again to function during the day, since I was not awake all night. It was amazing!

    Megan P.,

  • Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia are fantastic people that truly care about your health and well being. Initially my wife and I contacted them for my son who had issues from birth with gastritis and acid reflex, as another avenue to pursue for treatment for him. Then, 4 years ago I sought their service due to throwing my back out twice, and was unable to lay flat on the floor with out being in moderate pain. I no longer have the back pain and visit their office monthly to ensure I have no serious issues with my back for the years to come. I highly recommend their services. I know for a fact that had I not reached out to them for assistance, my condition would have only gotten worse.

    Michael P.,

  • Both Drs. Patricia and Erik are very professional and give it their all for their patients! Very dedicated and caring. They care so much about each individual, almost like a friend.

    Cathy L.,

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