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Got Fit?

Looking for a way to get a daily workout that is guaranteed not to get stale and boring?

Do big gyms with steep monthly fees full of exercise maniacs intimidate you?

What if you could get your KIDS excited about exercise and keep your entire family fit?

We’d like to introduce you to fitness poker! Draw five cards from a standard deck, match them to the corresponding cards on the Fitness Poker sheet and perform the exercises listed!  You’ll likely never get the same hand twice and the exercises are easy to get done either all at once, or spaced throughout the day.  They target all the major muscle groups and can give you a full body workout every day.

Dr. Erik started with an idea to challenge his kids to exercise before they sat down to watch any TV this summer.  In a discussion with the guys in his Bible study, he found out the idea had already been on the popular TV show “Shark Tank” as the FitDeck – available at  We cannot sell this idea to you, but we can offer our version of it to you for free.

Download your exercise sheet HERE and start having FUN getting FIT!



Cravings – Part 2

Cravings Part 2: Becoming a Fat Burner

Welcome back!!  In Cravings Part 1 we discussed why we have cravings.  It is because we have become sugar burners and our bodies have forgotten how to burn fat efficiently as a fuel source.  You may be wondering “Why?”

How You Became a Sugar Burner:

Over a period of years your body has experienced an onslaught of exposure from high loads of sugar, grains and toxins.  The constant bombardment has resulted in your body’s leptin receptors, located on your hypothalamus to get damaged and are no longer recognizing the presence of leptin.  Without those receptors recognizing leptin we can experience:

1)      CRAVINGS

2)      Lose the ability to effectively burn fat.

3)      Weight gain that doesn’t respond readily to diet or exercise

4)      Sleep disturbances

5)      Decrease in sex hormones

6)      Mal-absorption problems and gut disturbances


            4 Rules:

1)      Eliminate sugars

2)      Eliminate grains and starches that quickly turn into sugars

3)      Feed your body nutrient rich, fresh vegetable (JUICING IS AWESOME for this)

4)      Switch your fats from rancid fats to healthy fats

i.      Rancid fats: Canola oil, vegetable oils, margarine, shortening

ii.      Healthy fats: Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, REAL butter!

Key Steps for Success:

1)      Protein with breakfast

2)      Healthy Fats included in every meal

3)      No Snacking (Hunter gatherer diet)

4)      No eating after dinner

5)      Surge training ( burns sugars and increases fat burning between workouts.

I know how hard it can be to eliminate sugar and grains from your diet.  Unfortunately it is the only way to allow your receptors to heal.  The average person needs to be strict for 60-90 days.  Once you begin to see that your body is healing, increased energy, weight loss, normalized BP/cholesterol scores, decrease in inflammatory related pain etc. you can begin to reintroduce fruits in the form of berries.

Wheat is 99% genetically modified and even whole wheat can cause inflammation in the body.  I encourage people to never go back to wheat, rather learn to use the ancient grains (spelt, amaranth, quinoa, barley, rye, etc.) or gluten free flours as alternatives.

The key is to start simple and develop good routines.  Don’t start by making elaborate foods and buying a bunch of expensive new flours and ingredients.


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