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Low Level Laser Therapy at Weld Family Clinic

XLR8_Product_Shot_Straight_OnThe therapeutic benefits of light are well documented and light has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for a multitude of health conditions.  People in northern latitudes often suffer from problems such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from shortened days during the winter months.  Reduced sun exposure in the winter months also leads to vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to decreased immune function and increase your chances of illness.
Recent research now suggests that utilizing a specific wavelength of light (635nm) in a red laser can speed healing from injuries, reduce the pain of chronic conditions and may even help with reducing the appearance of scars and conditions such as acne!
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is delivered via a handheld device and is completely painless.  It can be used on nearly every part of the body to reduce pain and speed healing.
Regular price for this therapy will be $35-45 per session
Now through 12/31/15, we are offering this exceptional service for $15 per session, or if you prepay for 10 sessions, you’ll get two free.
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Healthcare vs. Sick Care

What we call healthcare in this country is actually “sick care” disguised with a healthy-sounding name.  Walk into most doctors offices with no symptoms and ask for some healthcare – they’ll look at you like you’re from a different planet.  The diagnostic process would reveal either nothing, or worse, a pseudocondition such as “prehypertension”, “prediabetes” or Intermittent Explosive Disorder that they can prescribe a useless medication to “treat” said condition.

True healthcare follows a hierarchy as follows:

  • Self-care:  Just as it sounds – it is taking care of yourself.  It includes things like eating healthy foods, participating in healthy exercise, socializing with friends and family and consciously choosing healthy thought patterns.
  • Health care:  May include massage, acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic care, along with other healing modalities to promote proper body function.  These are things you cannot normally do for yourself, but are natural ways to keep your body performing optimally.
  • Crisis care:  Sometimes bad things happen and we need medical care.  I have never said medicine shouldn’t have a seat at the table…I just don’t think it deserves the chair reserved for the CEO.  Medical care has it’s place, but it should not be the first line of defense.

Your health and healthcare is YOUR responsibility – take it seriously!


Got Fit?

Looking for a way to get a daily workout that is guaranteed not to get stale and boring?

Do big gyms with steep monthly fees full of exercise maniacs intimidate you?

What if you could get your KIDS excited about exercise and keep your entire family fit?

We’d like to introduce you to fitness poker! Draw five cards from a standard deck, match them to the corresponding cards on the Fitness Poker sheet and perform the exercises listed!  You’ll likely never get the same hand twice and the exercises are easy to get done either all at once, or spaced throughout the day.  They target all the major muscle groups and can give you a full body workout every day.

Dr. Erik started with an idea to challenge his kids to exercise before they sat down to watch any TV this summer.  In a discussion with the guys in his Bible study, he found out the idea had already been on the popular TV show “Shark Tank” as the FitDeck – available at  We cannot sell this idea to you, but we can offer our version of it to you for free.

Download your exercise sheet HERE and start having FUN getting FIT!



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