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  • Patricia Sorbo, D.C., DiCCP

    Patricia Sorbo, D.C., DiCCP

    Dr. Patricia Sorbo earned her bachelors degree in biology at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. She attended the…

  • Erik Sorbo, D.C., CCSP®

    Erik Sorbo, D.C., CCSP®

    Dr. Erik Sorbo earned his bachelor’s degree in religion at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He attended the…

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  • I began experiencing lower back pain and leg pain, especially in my right leg in 2007. Over time from 2007 to 2011 the duration became longer and the pain more severe. In 2012 I asked my medical doctor what could be done about the pain since by then it was constant and interfered with walking and sitting and sleeping. In fact, I was at the point that I had to lean on my shopping cart as I walked in the store. Long walks through Walmart were daunting. A walk in Central Park in New York City where my son lives was so slow and painful, I needed to sit down every 100 yards or so. In 2010 I asked my medical doctor what could be done about the pain. Her reply was “drugs or surgery”. Now, I was raised in a family that did not use chiropractic, and indeed, was fearful of it, so it was with great anxiety that I came to Weld Family Clinic for the first time. But, I believe that I had to try it since I did not want either of the medical alternatives. The one shining ray of hope for me was that a close friend had long used chiropractic for neck pain and said it had helped greatly, so I decided to try it. I have been receiving regular adjustments for about 1 ½ years and the pain and inability to walk have gradually gone away. I am so comfortable now that my husband and I were able to enjoy a cruise on the Danube River recently. The ultimate test of my recovery was being able to walk on all the tours through the lovely, old East European towns without discomfort…..On cobblestone streets no less! Thank you, Dr. Patricia!

    Shara B.,

  • I first consulted the office on 09-02-2005 with complaints of neck pain with headaches, daily mid-back pain and low back pain. The mid-back pain was a constant ache that sometimes upon waking and at other times in the evening. I had also been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in June of 2005 which was making it difficult for me to get pregnant. My OB/GYN had put me on Metformin to reduce the side effects of the cysts. The Metformin made me very ill and tired all the time so I took myself off the medication and stopped trying altogether. I found myself very sad and discouraged because I wanted a second child very badly. I had been under care for 3 months when my husband and I decided to try again and the next thing I knew I was pregnant! Since being under care, my headaches are less frequent, my mid and low back pain has improved. I feel better about myself knowing there isn’t anything wrong with me as a woman and my family is now complete!

    M.G. - Greeley,

  • I first consulted with Dr. Erik on October 27, 2005 concerning severe pain in my lower back I had been having for 6 months. The pain had gotten so bad, it was difficult to stand up for very long. My medical doctor had prescribed a heavy dose of pain killers and muscle relaxers and had recommended surgery in my case. There was very minimal improvement with this treatment and I was always tired and often nauseated by the strong drugs. I was unable to do anything physical and was unable to move around freely. My social life was put on hold. I am now completely off the medications and pain free. I am now able to get out and do the things I want to do again. I have more mental and physical energy and my social life is back! I have a more positive outlook on life and I no longer worry about the pain.

    S.V. - Greeley,

  • I cracked my pelvis in eight places thirteen years ago. My injury never bothered me until the summer of 2008. I began running after my third child was born. It was the beginning of the hip pain. The pain became so intense I had to quite running. Running had become a passion for me and quitting wasn't an option, so I continued to run in pain. I was referred to Weld Family Clinic by a co-worker. I was skeptical at first, having never been to a chiropractor. After a few adjustments I was running pain free! I even trarted tackling 5K's and later half marathons! When I learned I was pregnant for the fourth time, I had no doubt that my chiropractic care was more important than ever. As my body grew, my adjustments and visits increased. These adjustments eased my backaches, heartburn and joint pain. In my 9th month of pregnancy Dr. Patricia began administering various pressure points and inducing techniques. My son was born ten minutes after a chiropractic visit with with Dr. Patricia. The next week I resumed my chiropractic care. My infant began receiving adjustments as well, once I relized he was a "colicky baby". I owe my running abilities and continued health to Weld Family Clinic, the family there makes the visits fun and I know I am a valued friend of the Weld Family Clinic family.

    M. DelaFuente - Greeley ,

  • I am feeling so much better and now have the energy to concentrate on improving other aspects of my life, such as exercise and weight loss. I now feel like I am alive instead of just surviving. Thank you Dr. Erik!

    J. Mylander ,

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